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Pooja Satyogi

Dr. Pooja Satyogi

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor , School of Law, Governance and Citizenship


PhD in Cultural Anthropology (Johns Hopkins University); M. Phil in Political Science (Jawaharlal Nehru University); MA Political Science (Jawaharlal Nehru University); BA Honours Political Science (Delhi University)

Past Experience

Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi (September 2003-July 2017)

My Zone / Area of Expertise

Pooja Satyogi joined Ambedkar University in July 2017. Between 2003-2017, she taught Political Science at the Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi. Her interdisciplinary doctoral work spans across the fields of cultural anthropology, policing, criminology and urban studies of governance. Her work examines the relationship between the law and the police in the Special Protection Unit for Women and Children (Unit/Cell), Delhi. More specifically, she is interested in an exploration of how law and the police co-constitute each other. In her future research project she would like to explore the interconnections between the pedagogy of police training, policing as a labour question and policing practices in the city of Delhi. She is currently working on her book manuscript titled Intimate Public Spaces: Policing “Domestic Cruelty” in Women’s Cells, Delhi.

Professional Activities

  • 2010-11: International Scholar, American Association of University Women
  • 2008: Fellow,Women, Gender and Sexuality research grant, Johns Hopkins University
  • 2008: Fellow, Institute of Global Studies, Johns Hopkins University
  • 2008: Research Grant, Department of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins
  • University


  • Book Review, Health and Difference: rendering Human Variation in Colonial Engagements by Alexandra Widmer and Veronika Lipphardt (eds.) (Berghahn 2017) in Social Anthropology, 2018
  • Book Review, Time and Field by Steffen Dalsgaard and Morten Nielson (eds.) (Berghahn 2016) in Social Anthropology, February 2018
  • Book Review, Police Encounters: Security and Surveillance in Gaza under Egyptian Rule by Ilana Feldman (Stanford University Press 2015) in Social Anthropology, February 2017.
  • Book review Durkheim in Dialogue. A Centenary Celebration of “The Elementary Forms of Religious Life”, Sondra Hausner (ed.), (Berghahn Press 2013) in Social Anthropology, August 2016.
  • Book review of Exploring Gender Equations: Colonial and Post-Colonial India by Shakti Kak and Biswamoy Pati (eds.), (Nehru Memorial Museum and Library 2005), in Frontline, 2005, Volume 22, Issue 18, Aug 27-Sep 09.