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Saumya Uma

Dr. Saumya Uma

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor , School of Law, Governance and Citizenship


  • PhD (ongoing), 'Victim and Witness Protection in Cases of Gender Based Violence - A Proposed Legal Framework', National Law School of India University 
  • LLM, International Human Rights, University of Nottingham 
  • LLM, Family Law & Human Rights, Department of Law, University of Mumbai 
  • B.A. LLB (Hons), National Law School of India University

Past Experience

  • Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai 2016-2017
  • National Law School of India University 2015-16
  • Independent Research Consultant 2010-15
  • Women's Research & Action Group 2002-2010
  • Socio Legal Information Centre / India Centre for Human Rights and Law 2000-2001
  • Law practitioner in the courts of Mumbai and Thane in Maharashtra 1994-98
  • Majlis legal centre for women 1994-98


Ms. Uma has 23 years of work experience as a lawyer, law researcher, writer, campaigner, trainer and activist on gender, law and human rights. She has delivered guest lectures in universities and institutions, addressing students from varied disciplines such as law, political science, social work, human rights, victimology, criminology and media studies. She has conducted numerous information dissemination and perspective-building programmes for lawyers, police, judges, social activists, media personnel, academics, women and youth on issues pertaining to gender, human rights and the law. Her legal practice was focused on socio-legal issues pertaining to women's rights

My Zone / Area of Expertise

Areas of research interest:  Human rights law; family law; international criminal law; humanitarian law; laws related to women's rights; mass crimes and impunity; victimology & victims' rights within the criminal justice system; witness protection; cyber crimes and the law; freedom of religion; clinical legal education; engagement of the women's movement with the law; gender justice, conflict, militarism and peace. 

Ms. Uma has worked as a research consultant with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). Additionally she has been a lead researcher in several research projects commissioned to her at the national and state levels. 

Her research is inextricably linked to advocacy efforts at law reform. She spearheaded ICC-India: the Indian campaign on International Criminal Court, which was a national level campaign against mass crimes and impunity, advocating for domestic law reform for mass crimes, based on international standards. She was the founder and national coordinator of the campaign in the years 2002 to 2010. She held two consultations with Parliamentarians across all parties, and from both Houses, in the Indian Parliament. She also organized and addressed numerous workshops, conferences and seminars to create awareness around international legal standards on mass crimes.

 Ms. Uma was nominated by the Government of India to the National Advisory Council's Advisory Committee of the Working Group on Communal Violence Bill. She worked with others (government o?cials and civil society members) towards drafting a Communal Violence Bill in 2010-12. She made a submission to the Justice Verma Committee on Amendments to Criminal Law, appointed by the Government of India, in 2013, and made a written and oral submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, during her country visit to India in April 2013.


  • Recipient of the British Chevening scholarship for Human Rights 1998-99, awarded by the Foreign and Commonwealth O?ce, Government of U.K.
  • Recipient of fellowship from Institute for Peace Studies and Con?ict Resolution, Mumbai in 2011
  • Recipient of 'Fearless Woman' award on the occasion of International Women's Day, awarded by the Wockhardt hospital, Mumbai in 2017
  • Life member, Indian Association of Women's Studies
  • Member, Board of Trustees, Women's Research and Action Group
  • Member of General Body, Indo-Global Social Service Society
  • Core Member of Women's Regional Network - Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
  • Founder member, Mumbai Initiative for Human Rights Education



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